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and welcome on my website, which is dedicated to webdesign for breeders. In todays world your website is the main source of information about our your kennel and breeding. For far abroad and overseas kennels in fact the only chance to get to know about your breeding and your activities. Unique good looking website and its clear arrangement is important for good representation of your breeding.
In order to that it is not necessary only to be able to programme a source and use graphic programmes. Art idea and good taste, which is being missed at most of the breeders websites, is what makes you website outstanding. Choosing of colour and photographies has to fit with content of the site and it has to be clear for the first sight what the site is about.

My name is Eva Černohubová. In 2008 I finnished grammar school and since September 2008 I study faculty of architecture in Brno /Czech Republic, Europe/. For more than eight years I attended lessons of art.
My first experience with webdesigning, HTML, CSS and FrontPage editor came in 2004. Since that time I got many experience with graphic programmes as Jasc Paintshop and mostly Adobe Photoshop. Recently I make websites with using HTML, CSS and bases of JavaScript.
I have always lived among dogs and dog-people and except for webdesigning I am also in to dog show handling.
If you want to know more not only about my websites, please enter further to the website!


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